Protect your site from hackers and enjoy protecting your important files and databases.

The latest protection methods known for more safety, a hard-to-break firewall and a variety of hard shields with hacker identification
And what he did during the attempt to enter and the target file during the hacking process with weekly reports containing all attempts and how they were prevented, and a complete system that protects from brute force attacks by 100%.

Variety of shields

Website protection service is a service that can be requested separately or free with the website management service

The service is for websites of large companies and institutions as well as stores and sites that rely entirely on databases

The request is sent firstly via the Order Now page and the response is as soon as possible to talk about the details

Block visitors to a specific country

After the reports arrive to you periodically, you will notice that the attacks, and most of them are from Russia, for example, you can, through requesting this service, prevent visitors to that country from browsing your site in less than 1/300000 of a second, so that your site is safe from countries that are not targeted for your site activity.

country blocking service

Protect important files

Great care is taken with files that contain important information and data on the site to be protected with repairing damaged files that were previously damaged in previous attacks and preparing various types of protection to ensure that they are not broken again.

Protect and repair important files

Additional protection layers

The most effective way to perfectly stop brute force attack by adding a dual layer of security to user accounts, by knowing the hacker the login information is also difficult to enter the site except through your own phone and there are a lot of other layers that are carefully placed on the most dangerous files on your site to be protected.

Dual protection of login information


Most frequently asked questions

Yes, of course, this service is free in two cases:

  • The customer must have designed his website through me, and the common safety procedures for him will be made free of charge.
  • That the customer request a service to manage and market his site, and he gets that service for free because it is related to site management.

  • Other than that, it is a single service that has a one time cost only after fully examining the site and bringing out the problems that must be solved.

The site is fully examined, reports of holes and problems on the site, if any, and preparation of a complete file with the imagination of protecting vulnerable and potentially vulnerable places and sharing these perceptions with the site owner to see what will be done to the site from strict security measures.

Weekly reports is an automatic service that is mailed to site administrators it contains all activities and attacks, their owners and their countries, and files that could have been targeted in addition to each case, its case after targeting is accompanied by the case of the protection system and the way it deals with the hacker

  • The reports also include the group of IPs that were banned during access attempts, the number of attempts, and what was written during the attempt to enter, so that these attempts are later placed on a list to prevent others from using them again.

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