About Terms of Agreement

I don’t need to talk about the Quality of my work or my Academic Studies, I left the feedback about my services to my former clients to tell you about their experience working with me

Content Management System - CMS

Your site is designed by wordpress with a very simple installation system with friendly search engines and many features

Competitive prices with high quality

The cheapest prices and the latest offers with the latest programming techniques available to design your website

Host and Domain!

The site is delivered with Host and Domain at the lowest possible cost according to the specified capabilities of the customer

Modern templates are varied and flexible

The theme is displayed to customers where the choose the form and details of their own site and then proceed the work

Your site works on all screens

Your site fully responds to all screen sizes from phones to larger screens

Awesome Support

Permanent follow-up with the client after the working period and providing the client with a full video explains how to manage the site easily

Terms & Conditions

These items are sent to the customer before completing the request to create and design the site, and the service provider does not bear any responsibility for the client's lack of interest in reading these terms or neglecting their understanding.

  • Today WordPress is responsible for nearly a Quarter of the websites!

It is the first choice for two-thirds of the largest millions of websites, making it the most widespread system across the web, It also gets the confidence of major publishers such as: CNN and New York Times with over 50 million sites across the network and 8 years of fixed history, You know you are getting the best choice for your website.

  • WordPress is a publishing platform that comes with a wide range of features designed to make your experience as a web publisher, As easy, enjoyable and attractive as possible with the ease of the site control panel and constant security updates.

  • There are literally tens of thousands of plugins that extend what WordPress can do, So her actual job is almost limitless, You are also free to do whatever you want with WordPress code, Extend it, modify it in any way, or use it for commercial projects.

What do we mean by the words Host and Domain?

Very simply, in order to build any building we need a piece of land on which to build and the address of this land so that the visitor can access the site of this land and see the building,

  • The host is the plot of land on which the site is built, and the domain is the address where people can visit your site.
  • In the event that the customer does not have his own hosting on the Internet, provide him with hosting and domain with a simple annual subscription

Then start creating and designing his site, and the customer continues the progress of his site through the chosen domain.

 Until its completion in the final form and then giving the customer login information to manage his site with ease, With a video to explain the management of his site

After you decide to create a website for you, whether it is commercial, private or your organization.
And you have seen from my work what makes you decide to assign me the task of creating, designing and developing your site.

  • I receive all details from you about your services and what you will provide to your visitors.
  • After 2 days at the latest, I will contact you and send from 3 : 4 designs that are imagining the details you mentioned to me.
  • And based on your choice of design that you preferred, I start working.
    🔸 All designs shown have complete control by customizing them as you want.

The period of work on the design and programming of the site ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, and sometimes it increases or decreases depending on

✅ Details of the site to be created.
✅ A specific time my client needs to finish the site.
✅ How many services my client would like to add.

The site can be requested in no more than a week, and this is a special request.

  • Ask about the offer available during your order.

On request and you’re done giving me your site details, If your absence period exceeds 5 days later and you do not reply to me with approval to start work or refuse, then automatically your request has been rejected and your response after this period will be a new request and the offer has been canceled.

After receiving the site and completing its work, the customer is given 3 days to fully inspect the site and record the changes he wishes to make

  • All modifications are sent in one file and are made free of cost
    The file is reviewed so that all modifications to it and any modifications outside this file are completed by the customer It shall be at a cost estimated by the service provider.
  • After receiving the amendment file, work is carried out again at the site, with a maximum of seven days to make the necessary changes, and no amendment is received during the work period.

🔸 After submitting the amendments, the free modifications service is terminated, and any other modification has a cost determined as previously mentioned.

  • The customer wants to get back the first payment he paid for the construction of the site after I started working for any circumstance, and in this matter two things

✅ The customer does not own the host and the domain:

The value of the host and domain is not refunded because the money has been deposited to the company that will give me them and there is no way to get it back.
As for construction costs, the customer will recover 60% of the final site value, and the service provider maintains 40% of the final site value in view of the time and work lost in the project.

✅ The customer has a host and domain:

He is not affected at all by the value of the host and domain because he did not take them from me.
50% of the final site value is recovered, and the service provider retains 50% of the final site value due to the time and work wasted on the project.

The money will be refunded unless 3 days have passed since the project was received

Prices vary from site to site according to : the information, details and services that the customer tells me and wants them on his site.

And also the prices of commercial sites differ from the sites of companies and institutions differ from the private non-profit sites.

  • My client is not able to bear more than his financial capacity even if his financial capabilities are simple

The cost reduction has nothing to do with a decrease in the quality used to build its site and Customer Feedback the best proof of honesty is what I say.

The prices of the sites also vary according to the technologies used to create it

Follow the prices and Offers Page on my website and the Facebook Page that contains everything new and deals with discounts and offers, Which is constantly renewed throughout the year and events and ask me while requesting your site design to inform you of the available offer.

The costs of designing and programming websites for those who Do not own a host and domains in two installments.
Half of the money during start-up before work and the other half after it is completely finished and seeing the site work in full as agreed.

  • In the event that the customer owns the host and domain, the agreed amount is given either in one payment or in the form of payments for each work stage determined by the service provider during the agreement
    The construction progress continues with me, until it is completed in the agreed manner and for the agreed period.

Payments are received by Telephone then meet, Vodafone Cash or by bank accounts or Western Union.

The customer has the right to request the programming files from which the site was designed, and its 25% of the website total cost.

Manage or edit your website

Three plans are available to modify or manage your site

Any note that contributes to clarify any future issues will be added

When the trust and safety between the service provider and the customer meets.

What do I know best?


Computer Engineer, a specialist in web design and development. I have been trained in more than 20 educational platforms to be aware of new ideas. Just give me a computer connected to Internet and I will show you the imagination in programming lines

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